Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It feels like we are in heaven, every usual thing seems beautiful, day by day the feeling of intense connection increases with that person, even the bad times seem easier to face, and that’s all because of the happiness of being in a true relationship. It gives us a sense of positivity through which we can accomplish anything and can win any battle in the world.

When we are going through this beautiful time, we can’t even imagine a day without that person, but unfortunately, when our relationship breaks, the pain we feel can’t be explained just through words.

We sometimes can’t restrict ourselves from calling or texting the person we love because we are helpless at that moment and bound with the rollercoaster of emotions.

The feeling of loneliness is horrible, and unfortunately, not everyone holds the courage to get rid of it. As a consequence, people decline the ability to live a happy and productive life, this horrible feeling of departing from love leads them to depression and it is one of the major causes of committing suicide.

Is It Justified?

Just think once, is this breakup phase is worth influencing your life? I know it’s easier said than done. Forgetting the past completely and living your present is not easier, but we should completely remove the bitter past from our lives and live the present. Some people think that these are just motivational phrases that can’t be executed properly in reality, but that’s not true.

I know that you are somewhat desperate to get rid of this awful phase and want to let go of your Ex, that’s why you are here, and that’s a very good sign that you are looking for ways to lead a normal and happy life. So, you are already on the way to move on.

We all know that time heals everything, but we can’t sit freely waiting for the time to pass on. Following some ways along will help you to make it easier for you to move on very soon.

Avoid being in touch – don’t mislead yourself in the false hope that, becoming a friend of him will most probably create a chance to restart your love story. This feeling won’t let you move on in your life and maximum of your time gets wasted in just assuming that your relationship can have the chance to be alive again.

That’s not the right way, by doing this you are just harming yourself and your emotions. It’s better to live a harsh truth rather than being in false daydreams. I am not saying that being friends with him is not good, but being his friend with false hope is wrong.

When you have taken enough time to heal yourself, then you can become his casual friend, because in this case, you’re not expecting any kind of mercy from him to be again with you.

In short, the bottom line is, completely cut off with him, though I know it’s one of the hardest things to do, and the feeling of cutting off completely from the person with whom we had a beautiful time once seems very overwhelming, but sometimes we have to take the hard decisions for the sake of our own self. And further mentioned steps in this article will help you in sticking to your decision of not contacting him and most probably you’ll be glad very soon by doing this.

Recall the negatives – As much as you feel tempted about the positive memories of your ex, as much your pain gets increases. Rather than focusing on the good memories don’t skip to throw some light on the negatives as well. Remind yourself of those bad habits of your ex that made sometimes you to think, that you deserve someone better, but didn’t take any action just for the sake of love.

Think about the things that used to hurt you in your relationship. Note those negative points and drawbacks that you felt in your ex, and should feel fortunate, that now you don’t have to compromise anymore on it. You can now find someone according to your expectations and the one that may prove to be better than your past.

Life is not finished yet – Make yourself realize that you’re not enchanted of your ex to be happy in your life. Did the life which you were leading before the presence of your ex was that hell? You were similarly happy before his arrival. Then when he has gone, why you are thinking that nothing is left in your life to be happy and feel blessed about?

Divert your mind from your ex by spending time with your family and friends, avoid being isolated from your loved ones and social life. This is the major cause of depression, as when you isolate yourself from everyone then the feeling of loneliness is obvious.

And this sadness and loneliness will never let you be happy. So, be wise, and divert your mind by doing whatever you like but was unable to do when you were in the relationship. this will make you realize that this breakup phase is not the end of your happiness and life, in fact, it could be the beginning to discover a new you.

Accept the reality – Preparing your mind for facing and accepting reality is the most difficult step. Reality is inevitable, so better is to give the situation an acceptance as soon as possible. This will help you in coming out from your illogical hopes and assumptions. If it seems difficult for you to accept, then consider following the next step.

Leave everything on destiny – I am a destiny believer, so whenever I face bad times, which seems very hard to get rid of even with my various tricks to tackle, then, at last, I leave everything on destiny. And trust me, this really works, if you truly have belief in destiny, then leave all your tensions on it, and just let it be. The same goes on this situation too.

To make the reality easier to accept, believe that no one can steal your destiny. If you both are destined to be together, then nothing can separate you both, and the present breakup phase has no influence on your future. You never know that he/she may come back in your life at the most unexpected time or in the most unexpected way. If you don’t believe this, then you can also search the real love stories over the Internet, you’ll find there many pieces of evidence of my statement.

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