We all agree that the previous year was not that great, and didn’t live up to our expectations. Many of us have faced lots of mental, financial, and physical stress. But we all hope for the best for 2021 and have expected a huge covering of all our losses this year.

It’s not new if we talk about the new year’s resolution which maximum of us take because the beginning of the year gives us a positive sense to start a new phase or a new chapter in our lives, and we all want to leave all our flaws and bad habits behind with the previous year, and always want to take a fresh start with new habits that will help us to grow.

But we all know that planning to start good habits is easier than actually executing them, as building new habits is not a game that we can win overnight. It actually takes a lot of patience, courage, and hard work to implement new changes in our lives. And maximum of us, usually end up by giving up on all our resolutions, as it seems difficult to bring changes.

Bringing new changes is undoubtedly difficult, but not impossible either.

Some Of The Most Common Resolutions

Some of the most common resolutions which I know are quitting smoking, or alcohol, starting a healthy diet, starting an exercise routine, bringing up changes in behavior, spending less and saving more money, spending more time with family, becoming more hard-working and productive, and many more resolutions like these people take for improving their life.

These seem easy to plan but are quite difficult when we actually start working on them. This is all because the load of new habits is heavier than our capacity of implementing them. So, here we need to follow some strategies to make our new year’s goals achievable.

Tips to stick to our New Year’s Resolution

Avoid bringing drastic changes – Let’s say your resolution is waking up early in the morning. So rather than drastically hastening your waking time, take small steps, and try to bring this change in your routine slowly.

Because waking up at 6 am rather than 9 or 10 am is something too difficult to achieve drastically. Instead, initially deduct 30 minutes in your sleep and stick to this routine until you get used to it, and once you find it comfortable, cut another 30 minutes and repeat this until you achieve your target.

Similarly, if starting a workout routine is your goal, then initially begin with short-duration exercises that are of less than 30 minutes until you build up your strength. Then expand your duration as per your stamina.

Plan your goals in a way that it can become easily achievable so that you can stick to them throughout your life.

Don’t be overwhelmed by too many resolutions – avoid sailing on multiple boats at once. Focus on one resolution at a time, don’t be overwhelmed in implementing too many resolutions at once, as this is the major reason behind the failure of our resolutions.

So try to minimize your long list of resolutions and invest all your time and hard work in implementing one healthier change in your life to get success easily.

Find Replacement – If quitting smoking is what you want to do this year, then find a better replacement that you can perform while craving for smoking. If starting a routine of a healthier diet is what you have planned for this year, then start making easier dietary changes, search the easiest diet plan over the internet and start finding good replacements of food. For example, choose whole grain bread instead of white bread.

Prefer fruit juice over soft drinks, choose whole foods instead of processed foods. This way choose the perfect replacement for each bad habit that you want to change now.

Bring Consistency – bring consistency in implementing new habits in your routine. Don’t think of skipping it, even for once. Whatever you’ve started doing, do it on a regular basis without any skips. This will help you in involving the new change in your habit. And try to add this habit to your “must-to-do” activities.

These must to do activities are brushing, bathing, eating, or combing. As these are some habits which we can’t skip even for a single day. So try to add your new habit to your “must-to-do” things, so that you can never avoid it.

Consider the positives – It’s actually hard to bring routine changes, so we have to go through with some failures as well. As bringing a good change in life is never been easy. So there will be some days when we find that we are not able to do in the way we expected, this makes us sometimes negative towards ourselves.

Avoid focusing on the negative points. Instead, throw some light on what you’ve achieved yet. For example, if your goal of running daily for 30 minutes is not achieved yet, then instead of thinking yourself incapable of achieving your goal, modify your thinking pattern and focus on your efforts, which make you capable enough to keep a consistent routine of running for 15 minutes daily, which is not as easy for everyone.

Following these ways can surely prove helpful for you and will never let you abandon your new year goal if you try to follow it honestly. Also, after all the mental stress which we have faced the previous year, we should also make a resolution to be stress-free and learn new effective ways of living.

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