Is staying happy seems difficult to you? If so, then you’ve visited the right page. The sadness is may be due to the dissatisfaction of not achieving yet what you expected and you deserve, It’s might be due to the lack of love in life, or the feeling of loneliness, or might be due to some health issues.

The reasons for your sadness may vary, but this article is all about explaining the ways and some good habits to adopt that will help you in leading a happier life irrespective of any reason for your sadness is.

Because despite any severe reason for your sadness, you can still be happy by doing some effort for yourself.

But here comes the question, what does happiness means to you?

The perception again varies from person to person. For some, having luxury is happiness, for some having true friends is happiness, for some people, having true love is happiness, and for some, being in a good career is what they call happiness.

Whichever your reason is, I assure you that happiness is still reachable to you all by executing the following habits in your life.

Top Ways To Be Happier

Avoid comparing yourself with others- comparison is the root cause of feeling vulnerable, jealous, and unmotivated. Don’t compare yourself with others who are living more organized lives than yours. Be wise, we all can’t be at a similar status. The person with whom you are jealous might feel jealous of the other one by considering his life better. So this cycle can’t be paused. One person always thinks that others are living a more sorted life than him.

If you want to be happier, then you need to change your thinking, and rather than thinking that others are better than you, think that “no one is better or worse than you, we all are having some qualities and drawbacks”, so don’t ruin your time in just comparing yourself with others.

Keep smiling – don’t reserve your smile just for happy moments, and don’t wait for the happy moments to reach you, instead create those moments on your own.

Many studies have stated that a smile causes the brain to release the hormone called”dopamine” which increases the feeling of pleasure. So, always keep a smile on your face in nearly every situation you experience.

Delete the negative thoughts from your brain – if you keep your negative life experiences and circumstances in your mind all the time, then you can never be happy. I know sometimes we can’t help it and have no option left instead of thinking about the negative circumstances because we are continuously facing them in real.

But most of our life circumstances are influenced by our thinking. If we keep on sticking to the negative thoughts, then we will always attract negative outcomes. For getting rid of the negative thoughts, you can try a simple trick.

Write your thoughts on paper and tear it or burn it, and perform this daily until you start feeling better. This actually works, this trick is approved by the psychologists as well.

Stay away from the naysayers – if you notice a particular person always ruins your mood by throwing bad comments on you, then why you interact with him? As we are on the path to feeling happy, then along with removing the negative thoughts from your mind as I mentioned above, also remove such negative people from your life who always criticize you.

Don’t hesitate to maintain distance from them, despite who they are. They might be your closest ones, but your happiness is more important than your relationship with that naysayer, who always throws destructive criticism on you just to make your morale down.

Always be surrounded by the positive people who consider your worth, who support and love you for who you are. For analyzing whose friendship is good for you, start noticing that whose company makes you feel good and lighter, and whose company always makes you think negatively about yourself.

Help others – if you haven’t tried this yet, then this is the perfect time to try this at least once. I know, it’s not the aim for many, but you can never understand the happiness we can get by helping others until you actually experience it once. The feeling that we have made someone happy, or we became the reason for others’ happiness, feels great.

Acknowledge the positive things in your life – be grateful for what you are and what you have received in your life. This can be anything from minor to major, or even consider being alive till date a grateful matter. There are many things in our lives for which we should grateful, but we mostly forget to consider those things, because we are usually busy counting the negative occurrences of our lives.

Hope these 6 ways will work for you, these are easier to execute in life and can surely help in making you a happier person. As being happier is the most important thing than anything else in the world. If following these ways seems difficult for you initially then don’t worry, following the ways consistently will make you habitual and you will start feeling happy soon.

So, don’t depend on the circumstances to make you happy, instead start thinking positively, so that you can be able to see happiness around you even in the minor things.

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