The Immune system’s function is to protect your body from the outside germs. A person can always stay away from severe illnesses and viruses if he is blessed with a strong immune system.

But what happens next when your immunity gives up on your body and pauses its functions? 

You start catching diseases.

The weak immune system is quite common for people to know these days.

This article is all about to mention the autoimmune disease facts and the significant changes which a person receives with the over-activeness of the immune system. In simple terms, the phase of over-activeness of the immune system refers to the autoimmune diseases.

Why do people suffer immune disorders, what are the symptoms which people with the disease experience, and what are the autoimmune disease treatment available?

And many other questions like these surround the heads of too many people who are suffering from immune disorders.

This article might be an answer to all those queries and also mentioned here some of the best tips which people can try at home for easing their autoimmune disease symptoms to some extent.

So, kindly read till the end so that you can end up with detailed info regarding the subject.

What does autoimmune diseases in humans refer to?

Autoimmune disease in humans refers to the state when the immune system of our body finds it unable to sense its own body cells and attacks them.

The function of an immune system includes fighting against viruses whenever it senses their occurrence. But in the case of immune disorder, the immune system attacks its own body cells instead of attacking the foreign cells.

Generally, the immunity of our body is always aware of the difference between foreign cells and our own body cells but this disorder ruins its functions and makes it unable to sense the difference.

As a consequence, the immune system attacks its own healthy cells by releasing its antibodies.

And this is the short story of how an unhealthy immune system becomes the reason for autoimmune diseases in humans.

If looking to know some major autoimmune diseases, then kindly go through the link given.

Why does it happen?

The next question which triggers in our mind is why our immune system attacks its own body?

This is a kind of mystery that is not solved yet. But there are some perceptions and studies which stated that some people are born with the possibility of most likely to get prone to the immune disorder.

Scientists and doctors have many theories and opinions which relate to several factors that may be responsible for autoimmune diseases in humans.

Risk factors that are most likely responsible for Autoimmune diseases in humans

  • Autoimmune diseases Genetic reason – a person in your family may develop the symptoms if you are already suffering from autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and lupus. It is not always possible that genetic factors increase the risk of having autoimmunity. But there might be some genetic link according to the autoimmune diseases facts stated by the doctors which shows the occurrence of more than one case of immune disorder within the same family.
  • Gender – considering gender as a factor for autoimmune diseases, is the cause of multiple studies which has stated the maximum number of women as compared to men get prone to the autoimmune disease. Especially during their childbearing age between 14 to 50 years. Now the question is why do we see autoimmune diseases in women mostly?

There are several assumptions for this, you will not find any exact and proven answer to these questions. But one major fact is, women are having a higher amount of hormones than men, the estrogen hormone may affect the immune system, so according to the new study found, estrogen hormone could be a major reason for the immune disorder. That is the reason autoimmune diseases in women are highly found as compared to men.

  • Stress – stress is the cause of multiple health problems, this is a common fact. Recent studies also stated that chances are way higher to get autoimmune diseases from stress, so best is to immediately seek medical help or follow the effective home remedies to deal with the stress problems and make sure that you are taking action immediately to get rid of your stress disorders to avoid further risks of autoimmune diseases which are directly or indirectly linked with the stress.
  • Foods – it is not shocking that your diet is the only thing on which our body fully relies. Including the wrong food in our diet triggers multiple diseases. And our immune function depends on what food we eat.

Do you know the maximum quantity of our immune system resides in the lining of our guts?. Including wrong foods in our diet increase immune problems like inflammation and leaky gut. And this leaky gut issue opens the door towards autoimmune diseases.

And the sad part is, the foods which must be considered wrong to consume are those that we generally eat on a daily basis, and a maximum of us don’t even know how these foods can worsen overall functioning in our body.

I am sharing a list of such foods to avoid for prevention from immune disorders.

Foods to avoid to be prevented from Autoimmune diseases

  • Avoid a Gluten-rich diet. (foods include – Bread, Gravies, Cereals, Cakes, Biscuits, Candies, Pasta, Beer, all kinds of junk food.)
  • Avoid Dairy products. You can use refined butter.
  • Avoid cereal grains, coffee, yeast, rice, and milk.
  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Exclude eggs.
  • Avoid lectins rich food like – peas, peanuts, beans, and grains.

Some people are more sensitive and get immediate response from their body whenever they perform changes in their diet, and some may not find much impact on their body, whether they are avoiding these foods or not, it actually varies from person to person. But including the above foods in your diet is really bad for the immune function and increases the chances for autoimmunity. To be prevented from severe health problems try now to exclude such foods.

Now have a look at some of my best tips to lessen the autoimmune disease symptoms

Tips for promoting a better quality of life with Autoimmune Disorder

  1. Perform regular exercise – exercise is the only thing that can make you feel strengthful, no matter whatever health issues you are suffering from. 30 minutes of physical activity each day is enough to live stronger and happier. You can take online help for learning the exercises which are best for your specific disorder. You can also ask your doctor which exercise is suitable for you, he can suggest better.
  1. Reduce your stress levels – there are several studies that show that people get autoimmune diseases from stress. So try to do the activities in which you are most interested, like engaging yourself in your hobbies and avoid thinking and exaggerating your thoughts much.
  1. Get enough sleep – not taking adequate hours of sleep which your body requires is the direct factor of worsening your symptoms. Sleep at least 8 hours so that you will not feel tired and sleepy all day long. And try to fix your sleep timings, i.e if you usually go to sleep at 11 pm, and wake up at 8 am in the morning then make it fixed. Changing your routine timings can disturb your sleeping routine which in result sometimes makes you feel sleepy at night and sometimes not.
  1. Take breaks between your work – don’t take much workload, this can make you feel tired and fatigued. Being fatigued is very common in immune disorders, so to avoid this, take short breaks in between and schedule your work accordingly to avoid working in a hassle.

These were some easy to follow tips which surely work to live better.

Now I am sharing some best foods which you must include in your diet –

Some suitable Autoimmune diseases foods to include

autoimmune foods

My personal tip is, eat well to live well. Diet matters a lot in our healthy living. Unlike the above-mentioned foods which increase the chances of immune dysfunction, below are a list of some healing foods which are the best to eat for everyone.

Turmeric – Turmeric is beneficial for reducing the symptoms of several autoimmune disorders like Multiple Sclerosis, bowel disease, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis.

Broccoli – Glutathione present in Broccoli is best known for easing the immune disorder.

Wild Alaskan Salmon – including salmon in your diet improves immune function and prevents you from several immune disorders like – multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis.

Cod liver Oil – vitamin D is nectar for people with autoimmune disorders, if you are pure veg then cod liver oil is the best substitute and the greatest source for obtaining Vitamin D. Egg yolk is also the finest source of Vitamin D.

Almonds – almonds are rich in Vitamin E and should be consumed for a healthy immune system.

These are some autoimmune diseases foods that can help people to ease their health conditions.

Generally, the immune system works as a protector for our body by keeping diseases away from us. But immune disorder leads the immune system to become an enemy of our own body. 

This disease must be immediately treated but unfortunately, there is no exact autoimmune disease treatment and cause stated for the immune system disorder, though doctors are continuously researching for the same, till then we only need to do is to follow proper instructions of our healthcare provider and take proper medicines and have to follow some tips at home which can surely help in easing the symptoms.

The medical autoimmune disease treatment which you get is not exact to reverse your disease, but treatment can somewhat ease your symptoms, so along with your medications, consider following these most suitable tips which will surely make you live a better and happier life.

Now, coming to the current situation, there are so many assumptions people with autoimmune problems make. There is a huge misconception that people with immunity disorders are most likely to be infected from COVID-19. Facts are below, have a look –

Autoimmune and Coronavirus, is there a link?

Autoimmune patients are majorly known as the people who can easily catch infections and viruses. And there is a strong assumption that people with autoimmune issues are most likely to catch the COVID-19 infection too.

The assumption of autoimmune patients regarding the increased risk of developing Covid, is due to their immune health. But autoimmune health condition refers to the overactiveness of the immune system, and there is no evidence that shows COVID has the higher impact on the overactive immune system.

And there is no link with the COVID infected patients with any autoimmune disease if we research about the same. So, there is no evidence stated that people with immune disorders are at higher risk of getting the infection.

But the medicines which are taken by the diagnosed patients to treat their disease are known as the immunosuppressant drugs, which weaken the immune system so that it can be “less effective” to your body, which makes a higher possibility for the patients to catch several infections.

If we talk about the risk, then yes risk is for everyone who is not following the safety measures properly, like washing hands, using sanitizers, wearing masks and gloves and disinfecting things. If any of us, don’t follow these standard guidelines then we all are at a greater risk to get the virus.

Autoimmune disease is not stated clearly to be responsible for catching COVID-19, but yes if an immune disorder patient gets the infection then chances are slightly higher that he will develop a severe form of Covid as compared to the general people suffering from Covid.

So better is to take extra precautions for yourself to avoid the risk.
The conclusion is we need to work on our immune health, so for a detailed guide go through my article – Tips for strengthening Immune system.

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