Top Ways To Fight Nervousness

It’s quite normal to be a bit nervous if you’re going to do something that is linked with the responsibility of successful fulfillment. This responsibility of fulfilling the particular task efficiently most of the time brings thoughts of the negative possibility which create stress in our mind. At that time our body generates stress hormones […]

Ways to Cheer Up When You’re Feeling Low

You place an order for pizza, and after a few minutes got to know that your order is canceled, or you have prepared a lot for your upcoming meeting, but when the day came, it was not exactly in the way you want it to be. Or, someone has degraded your abilities and hurt your […]

Top Relaxation Techniques to Lower Stress Levels

Life is a challenge, which almost everyone knows. But the viewpoint of every individual differs. Some people consider getting hired for a perfect job a big challenge, many think building good relationships with everyone around them a challenge. Some people consider making a healthy routine a challenge, and when we suffer from an unfortunate situation, […]

Why Do We Feel Anxious

It’s okay to be anxious sometimes, as it’s a normal reaction of our mind and body towards a fearful event or situation. Anxiety can also be explained as a warning sign that alerts our mind to be prepared for the stressful situation and makes us ready to act accordingly. It’s undoubtedly an unpleasant feeling but […]

Why Is Depression a Taboo Subject?

Human is a puppet of diverse emotions. These emotions are happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. The emotions that reflect through our behavior is the result of the situations we face in our day to day lives. If we had a cheerful day, this is obvious to feel happier, if experienced something disappointing, it’s quite obvious […]

Stress: The root cause of illness, know the types of stress and the ways to manage

Our lives are filled with a mixture of multiple emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, confusion, fear, and stress. But just think once and ask yourself which emotion you feel the most in your life? All the emotions take place in our routine as the outcome of the events which occur in our lives. But have […]

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Detailed Overview

Anxiety in people refers to the state of worry in their unfavorable situations. People with Generalized Anxiety Disorder are very used-to to have excessive fear about almost everything and every situation for no logical cause. Their reasons for worry involve money, health, relationships, study, work, or their daily life schedules. People with GAD are often […]

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Facts, Symptoms & Self-care Tips

What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? It’s sometimes natural that we keep on thinking about the event that occurs in our life and especially if it has given us an unpleasant experience. It’s quite normal if we are doing it in a limited order.  And Double checking the activities to make sure that we have completed the […]

Meaning of Phobia

Phobias: know the self-care tips and get rid of the irrational fears

This article is focused on explaining the meaning of Phobia, its types, symptoms, causes, treatment, and relevant tips to follow for easing the symptoms. Meaning of Phobia Phobia is a type of mental disorder that makes a person fear excessively and terror of a particular situation, or a person, they start imagining the threat linked […]

What is Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder: Understand the root of the Illness

The previous article was all about explaining the health and mental issues faced by people with anxiety disorders along with some of the best ways for treating it. Anxiety disorder is not a single name to recognize the mental illness, there are several types involved in it, some of the major types are – Panic […]