We often are guided by our elders that “don’t judge people by their appearance”, or “don’t make any perceptions regarding others by their looks, without knowing them”. But in reality, most of the time, we can’t help it.

This is human behavior to make perceptions about others by their appearances. And these perceptions are generally made within a few seconds at the first impression. We can’t control this, because we usually have so many people around us, and we have so many choices to make, whether we talk about people or objects.

Let’s take an example

If we go to a store to buy carrots, and we are shown the 2 sections. The one section has carrots that look fresh and the other section contains the carrots that are looking stale, which carrots will you prefer? Everyone obviously prefers the carrots which are “appearing” good, as long as we don’t get to know how the carrots of both the sections taste like, we prefer buying the carrots which are “looking good”. The same happens when it comes to choosing people.

Suppose you’re on an unfamiliar road and want to ask the way to your destination and 2 strangers are standing in front of you, the one is attractively dressed and looks active and smart and the other one is not well dressed and seems unhygienic too, whom would you prefer over other for simply asking your query? Think about it honestly.

You know when we actually are in that specific situation, we don’t even realize that we are making perceptions for people around us by their looks, and we prefer talking to the people who are more well dressed and who are appearing good. As I mentioned above, we just can’t help it.

Let’s figure out the “truth” today

Some people might not like the fact, but the practical answer to the question “Does appearance matter”? is undoubted yes. In our lives, appearance does matter to all of us. That’s why it’s very essential to appear good, not for others, but for yourself.

Standing out from the crowd among others, and reflecting a positive approach by your personality increases the chances to get your work done more appropriately and you may receive what exactly you expect from others around you.

And trust me, your way of carrying yourself influences others around you a lot without even their realization. Though looks are not everything, but you must be aware of the importance of the first impression, If your first impression was not that great, then your responsibility to improve your impression towards other increases a lot more in the second go.

And this first impression is only judged by your appearance, as people whom you’re meeting for the first time don’t know you personally, and all they can see is, just your looks.

Bringing charm in your personality needs to modify some basic habits – like wearing good clothes, be in a correct posture, and keeping a great smile on your face, that’s it.

Tips for Dressing well

Wearing attractive, colorful, neat, and nice-fitted clothes enhance your appearance and make you feel good about yourself. But that doesn’t mean that this agenda works for every occasion you visit. How you dress, or which color of clothes you choose should majorly depend on your “audience”. Here the audience is not meant to be the public for whom you’re going to perform some activity on the stage.

Here the audience is the specific group of people or a specific person whom you meet. Let’s make it simpler, let’s say you are going to meet your boyfriend on a dinner date, you should specifically choose your clothes which are well fitted, appealing, and bright in color like something in bright red or black, as these are the commonly picked shades, which I know.

But would it be nice, if you wear the same kind of outfit to a professional meeting? It’s a big no.

Trust or distrust of people for you somewhat depends on the relevancy of the outfit you wear for meeting them. So, choose the clothes that reflect your message which you want to give the people around you, so always be careful and choose the clothes that are relevant to the occasion.


The body posture should be straight, avoid crossing your legs. While sitting, your feet should be on the floor. Ankles must be in front of your knees. Shoulders should be relaxed, avoid pulling them backward or forwards. And choose a comfortable chair only that can support your back and the hip area properly.


People always choose to interact with a person who seems positive and full of life. There is no place for negativity in the world, if you appear sad, or frustrated almost all the time, trust me nobody is gonna like you and prefer you over anyone.

Keeping a sweet smile on your face will make you look beautiful. And also influences people to think positively about you. Your smiling face makes them assume that you’re the most friendlier person in the room. And apart from this, there are many health benefits also associated with wearing a smile.

I hope implementing these little changes in our lifestyle is not that hard if we really are concerned about living a quality life. These basic grooming habits are very easy to follow.

But I understand that we people sometimes experience unfavorable situations in our lives which tends us to ignore the basic grooming habits. We slowly cut off from all the grooming tasks like washing hair, bathing regularly, wearing nice and neat clothes, or even brushing teeth, this slowly impacts our routine by making us disinterested and unfocused in all our daily works and schedules.

If this happens to you, then you should take this seriously and get out of this self-neglection phase as soon as possible. As when we look good, we also feel good, and this good feeling boosts our self-confidence and improves our mindset and thinking about ourselves, which automatically affects the activities we perform daily, and also boosts our mood, and the good mood is the key to having good health too.

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