Life is not always pleasurable, sometimes it gets tough, sometimes exciting, sometimes stressful, and sometimes overwhelming. And the fact is our reactions usually depend on our life’s circumstances. And unfortunately, our stressful and busy life doesn’t allow us many chances to laugh freely.

And we mostly don’t consider to live and enjoy the minor things in our lives. But if I say, that your laughter can become a protective shield for your body to prevent you from various diseases?

Seems too good to be true, right?

The one pleasant fact is as much as you laugh, you’re most likely to attract positivity and happiness in your life. Yes, it’s true, finding the reason for happiness and laughter in even minor things will surely make you a happier person.

And apart from attracting positivity, there are a lot of health benefits too, please read the article fully, you will surely get to know many reasons here to laugh.

Reasons to Laugh

Lowers Blood Pressure – Laughing daily is the best medicine to be prevented from diseases like heart attack and stroke which are majorly caused by high blood pressure. Spare a few minutes for yourself daily and laugh as much as you can, watch your favorite comedy show, or read and recite jokes, this will be funnier and interesting to start with.

Reduces Stress – you will hardly feel stressed while laughing. It actually reduces the stress hormone levels which otherwise turns into anxiety or major depression, and can also affect the immune function which makes you prey to multiple diseases.

You can skip the GYM – Some studies state that if you take laughter therapy for more than 30 minutes a day, this will increase oxygen consumption, heart rate, and respiratory rate, which are similar to the benefits that exercise provides. So, if it’s not possible for you to perform heavier exercises due to any disease or injury, then you can also go for laughter therapy.

Brings Positivity – As I stated above, laughter brings positivity and happiness to our minds. And this positivity makes us mentally strong and tends us to give a positive approach towards life’s hard challenges. And being happier increases our chances to be healthier than people who are negative.

Makes you build a strong bond with others – apart from all the physical and mental benefits, laughter also makes you to build good relationships with others. By laughing, you bring positivity in your appearance and that positivity adds a charm to your personality which makes others attract towards you, that automatically enhances your relationships, and you’ll never get trapped into conflicts and hatred of others, which also prevent you from being stressed due to others behaviors towards you.

I Hope, you found these reasons valid enough to make you convinced. So always keep laughing and live longer.

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