I Hope, my previous article gave you a sense of hope by giving some of the effective ways of getting noticed by your crush.

After discussing the basic steps in my last article for moving further and converting your one-sided admiration into friendship, here I am introducing the next steps which are somewhat helpful to begin your love story.

Unleash your flirting skills – If you haven’t tried this yet, then this is a perfect time, flirting is the best thing to build an engaging conversation. Don’t let any chance dropped of making them blushy with your compliments. This will also make it most likely for both of you to reach the next step.

Don’t hesitate to be a little touchy – hope you know that touch determines everything. Your gentle touch at their arm or back while talking or laughing will make them notice your affection and you will be able to give them a hint of your liking without even saying it. Physical contact is necessary sometimes for letting your crush understanding your liking.

Be 100% present with your crush – avoid being distracted when you’re with your crush, as he’s your crush after all, he deserves your 100% attention.

So, keep your phone aside while talking with your crush. Maintain eye contact during your conversation, and don’t look around or at your phone, as when you look here and there instead of your crush while talking, this seems that you are not interested enough to be a part of the conversation.

Make them jealous – Making your crush jealous is one of the best things you can do. If your crush feels a bit jealous when you give importance to someone, then more than half of your battle you already won. Because we only feel jealous about the person who is special to us. And this emotion is sometimes necessary to bring out his feeling for you as sometimes people don’t realize their feelings for someone until they feel jealous.

Make sure that their friends also like you – become more friendly with their friends and try to be in their good books. Because when our friends admire someone, chances are high that we get convinced. If your crush’s friends will like you, then your crush will also start noticing you positively.

Confess what’s inside you – don’t skip the step of confessing your feelings to your crush. I know it’s easier said than done and I know the action of confessing your love is uncomfortable, but your one-sided admiration is more uncomfortable either. So be comfortable, be confident, and just say it.

There could be a possibility that your crush feels the same for you. Also avoid overthinking about the scenario of being rejected, as life still goes on. And it’s better to face the reality rather than daydreaming about false hopes.

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