The finalist of dream and believe foundation – the international glamour project in Mrs category India 2020-2021 – Mrs. Sonica Chawla has shared some tips as per her experience for all the aspirants to prepare for beauty contests. She says that each girl is beautiful in her way. You just need to follow the right tips for polishing yourself and for reaching your dream of wearing a beauty crown on your head.

Confidence – Confidence is the best thing which everyone should hold, it is the key to look beautiful. Feel confident about yourself and your appearance. But always remember, there is only a slight difference between being confident and being overconfident. Overconfidence makes you proudy, which should not be the case.

Take an adequate diet – some ladies get misguided about their diet plans, and to appear slim, they start starving themselves, which only worsens their appearance instead of improving it. So, avoid starving and feed yourself properly.

Practice yoga – to feel and look physically fit, you need to do yoga regularly. It also keeps your mind calm.

Wear comfortable clothes – uncomfortable clothes snatch your confidence, always pick clothes that suit you and fit with your body type.

Practice with high heels – not everyone has the experience to wear high heels. But the harsh fact is, you have to be comfortable wearing it and for this, you need to do a lot of practice.

Be a makeup expert – don’t rely on others for your makeup during your pageant days. You have to be a makeup expert of your own for not letting yourself compromise on your beauty.

These few basic tips can help you out in preparing for beauty pageants.

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