Health has a major influence on our lives, each activity, whether it’s basic or heavier, relies on our health. And when you are facing the repercussions of poor health then, unfortunately, easier things get impossible to accomplish.

You can’t even properly express your feelings to your loved ones with having less strength, and the fulfillment of others’ expectations seems quite difficult, and you can’t even experience true happiness with poor health.

Good health is the key to happiness and growth in life. The more energy your body is rich with, the more you are likely to perform productively throughout your day. With so many benefits linked with good health, some efforts need to be done to maintain and regain your health, such as following a healthy diet, good food habits, hygiene, stress management, the inclusion of physical exercises in routine, and adequate sleep.

The finalist of the dream and believe foundation, Mrs. Sonica Chawla says “For gaining proper physical, mental and spiritual well being, we all are required to take care of our health. Maintaining health should not be our choice, it should be our responsibility to nurture this precious asset that is gifted by God to us. The only mantra to get rid of all the obstacles which your poor health creates for you is to get alert from now and start involving healthy habits in your routines. Don’t take your health for granted, nurture it, protect it and perform efforts to save it.” 

Mrs. Sonica Chawla has raised her voice to spread awareness of the importance of health.

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