Knowing the top ways for detoxification is the most common health concern. At times, we feel numerous changes in our body like fatigue, backaches, bloating, digestion issues, etc which notifies us the warning sign to find the ways for detoxification of the body to prevent the severe consequences.

It’s pretty good if we are able to analyze the warning signs which our body gives us so that we can get alert, and alertness is the key to prevent from the repercussions. But not everyone feels the same, many around us haven’t tried detoxification yet, and are not properly aware of the importance of detoxification of the body.

Let’s discuss about the detoxification today.

What Is Detoxification?

Detoxification refers to the process of the “removal” of toxins that we carry in our body, which otherwise hampers our body functioning if we don’t get rid of it. So, this is a crucial process which has to be done to maintain our fitness. Maximum people think that only a wrong diet puts toxins in our body, and whoever is following a proper diet chart does not need detoxification, but that’s not true.

We intake so many chemicals in our body regularly, though we are eating according to our hygiene manual, but still, there are many ways in which we intake chemicals. Cause we undoubtedly can follow a healthy diet to be prevented from toxins, but we can’t pause our breath, right?

The air we breathe, constantly put chemicals in our body, the cosmetics we use almost regularly is the major source of intaking chemicals which convert into toxins, and it’s quite difficult to assume that we never eat outside food even once a month. There are many reasons which we experience in our regular routines, and are fully unaware of the fact that we are constantly putting toxins in our body, which later on converts into severe diseases.

So, along with focussing on our body’s external cleanliness, we should throw some light on internal cleanliness as well and should consider it similarly important.

What’s the fact?

People use to follow detox diets assuming that these diets can help them in removing toxins but that’s not always true, you will be getting amazing results and will get rid of all the toxins within your body is not a complete truth.

The fact is, we all are having different body types, the involvement of detox diets in routines is not meant for everyone, some may find it useful but others may not. So, not all human bodies experience similarly good results from these detox diets.

Some studies also state that detox diets are not even impactful in eliminating toxins. And no evidence supports the benefits of detox diets in removing toxins and promoting weight loss.

Our Body’s Natural Detoxification System

The liver and kidney are the major organs that are responsible for the detoxification process.

So, when our body already consists of the organs whose major function is to eliminate unwanted toxins from the body, then why do we need to bear torture like a full day or half-day fasting, or to rely on juice fasts and to adopt the foods that claimed to be the best for cleansing. Personally, I don’t support things like these by the name of detoxification.

And there is nothing that our body organs can’t do for our wellbeing which these tactics can do.

What should be done?

Enhancing our natural detoxification system is the only solution. Certain lifestyle changes should be done to improve our organs’ functioning. Here I am sharing some of the easiest and the best ways to enhance our body’s detoxification system.

Lifestyle Changes to adopt

Stay Hydrated – Water is the major source for removing toxins from the body. Avoid being dehydrated, this is the root of illnesses, so drink plenty of water, especially at the time when you wake up, as this is the time when we highly required hydration after spending 7 to 8 hours sleep, which is the tenure of dehydration.

Limit alcohol consumption – Alcohol itself is a toxin for our bodies. Alcohol makes our liver invest full energy in metabolizing it and converting it into acetate (a harmless substance). Excessive drinking of alcohol damages the liver which results in liver scarring and makes it incapable of filtering the wastes from your body.

Adequate sleep hours – make sure that you are getting enough sleep each night. Poor sleep is linked with several mental and physical disorders and makes your brain deprived of being refreshed. Adequate sleep is necessary to be toxin-free, as quality sleep ensures enough time to eliminate the wastes from our body.

Limit salt intake – one shocking fact is excess salt intake leads you unable to urinate properly, and here your detoxification process pauses. And this problem in urinating is due to the antidiuretic hormone which our body releases by intaking excessive salt.

If you drink enough water and less salt, this will eliminate the excess water weight from your body by increasing urination.

Perform exercise regularly – exercise is linked with several health benefits like strengthening bones, reducing heart disease risk, high blood pressure, and is highly beneficial for our overall wellbeing. The reason is, exercise brings oxygen to our organs, which directly enhances their functioning. Thus, your liver works more efficiently if you let the maximum oxygen to reach it.

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