Education gives a wide platform where children can grab plenty of knowledge, and this knowledge is the base for their future growth and success. To ensure that the future citizens of our country will be civilized and responsible for their duties and ethics, we are required to take the initiative of spreading the importance of child education to each individual, so that there would be no chance left for the deprivation of education to any child across the country.

Education builds our thinking pattern and the way of perceiving things and situations around us, if we were not sent to schools in our childhood, then we could not experience the financially stable and independent life which we are leading today.

Education builds discipline among children, which is the most important thing to lead a quality life further. It provides strength and confidence to the children and supports them in developing skills which they are required to achieve the heights of success in the future. The finalist of dream and believe foundation, Mrs. Sonica Chawla’s actions describe her passion towards her mission, which is – “Child education, right to education”.

She has gone through tremendous efforts and has organized several workshops to educate people about their welfare. She invites all of you to participate and contribute your efforts to this good cause for converting this great aim into beautiful existence.

If you are looking forward to providing us your valuable contribution then write us at Your little efforts today will make the bright future of our country.

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