It’s quite common among people to feel doubtful about their own abilities sometimes due to various challenges which they need to face regularly. But do you know, this doubt can hamper your career growth?

As each day doesn’t remain the same, sometimes we need to fulfill an unfamiliar task, sometimes we get prey to discrimination issues or get trapped into workplace disagreement, or sometimes we need to work under pressure.

In short, every step in your career path brings out numerous challenges, which every time tests your abilities and patience. But your way of handling these challenges fully influences your future career growth.

We Need To Change Our Mindset

You can whether take these challenges as learning opportunities and can take advantage of them by polishing your skills or can either run away from these challenges and close all the doors of great opportunities for you. The choice is yours, but always remember, the challenges won’t leave you ever unless you learn the ways to face them.

We must learn the quality of changing our desired circumstances into possibilities. Challenges are imminent, and these challenges need proper expertise in handling so that you can avoid the repercussions of the worst circumstances.

We need to be organized throughout the day and must be aware of how we can simplify our things. As the vast portion of our life influences by our way of taking the bad circumstances. If we learn the ways of handling these bad circumstances, half of our battle we already won.

Learn to be out of your comfort zone, this is the only mantra to get career growth instantly. As when you’re not flexible enough to welcome the new challenges and always want to work with an easy flow, your growth may stuck even for several years, so we need to add the adaptability in our nature, if we really want to see ourselves upgraded in the next few years.

Top Challenges At Workplace

In this article, I have discussed the common work challenges along with the specific ways to deal with them, these ways can surely help you to overcome your workplace issues.

1.) Work Pressure – Work pressure is very common at workplaces, it’s somewhat necessary for better functioning of our tasks. But if your work pressure is overwhelming and making you exhaust, this is something which you have to get rid of, as this can cause you to remain stressed most of your time, and this stress is the major reason behind several mental and physical health problems.

And this continuous stress and the concern for meeting the deadline, results with errors in work, which definately impact your work productivity.

2) Overly-Competitive Co-Workers

At your workplace, you must have dealt with various “types” of people. Some might be very cool, and friendly and some might be difficult to handle. Among those, which I know the most common are competitive ones. Even I would say the “overly-competitive”.

These people always want to see others at the degraded level. Though being competitive is necessary, because competitive feeling brings dedication towards work in order to perform well, it brings an exciting and vibrant atmosphere at the workplace.

But if you’re surrounded by over-competitive people, then I can feel your pain deeply. As these people just want to make their way easier and just want to reach the top position no matter what and even many times by climbing over others, and spare no chance of taking credit of others’ work as well.

3.) Gossips – Chit-chats is the usual activity of employees to remain comfortable at the workplace, but when this common chit chat turns into back-bitching and gossiping, no one realizes it.

There are always some people who are having some interesting stories to share, and your tiny acknowledgment to their gossips may trouble you further.

4.) Your opinions are not valued – this happens usually when you newly joined the company, your opinions regarding work may be taken “differently”, to avoid the situation maximum newbies avoid giving their opinions in the meetings so that they can not be noticed negatively.

These are some common challenges which we face in the workplace. Let’s find out the solutions now for overcoming each challenge.

Tips To Overcome Workplace Challenges

How to Handle Pressure

  • Break down your tasks into steps, and prioritize your tasks, then perform them accordingly. Instead of getting confused or overwhelmed about your tasks, analyze what is needed to be done at first, and what you can carry forward as the second priority. If you start working like this, you will slowly realize your tasks are getting easier to complete.
  • Take Some Break – No matter how much workload you are experiencing, it’s good to take some break from your stressful moments and get some fresh air outside, trust me it will not interrupt your work, instead you will feel more energized for continuing work when you start sparing few minutes for yourself.
  • It’s okay to admit that you need help. You can pass on some of the work to your colleagues and to the staff under you if it’s difficult for you to manage by own. Don’t hesitate to share your concern with your senior as well, so that they can get to know that it’s quite difficult for you to handle this much work.

The higher possibility is they won’t force you to be trapped into the workload, as in the end, your company wants productive hours from you, and if your assigned work is too much and difficult for you to handle, you can’t work productively.

How to Handle Overly-Competitive Colleague

  • Avoid being their rival, these people are so insecure about even your casual praise at work, and if you act against them, their reactions may cause you aggressive, sad, disappointed, which may decrease your morale to work, and the workplace must be positive so that you can work well.

So avoid working against them, instead, try to change their perspective regarding you. Whenever you need suggestions, ask them, discuss your work with them, this will create thinking in your competitive co-worker that you are working with him, not against him. If any of their suggestions work well for you, then don’t hesitate to give them a credit.

As in the end, you’ve to work together as a team, this is essential for you and as well as the company’s growth, so there is no benefit of making rivals at your workplace.

  • Be focused – don’t let their competitive behavior affect your dedication and focus on work.
  • Confront – if you are not getting much effective result in trying the lenient tricks and if your coworker is continuing performing the cheap tactics on you, by stealing your work strategies, or taking your work credits, then it’s high time to defend yourself.

But avoid getting personal, just bring forward the specific points in front of your boss. As being personal can negatively impact your position, and your boss may not be able to understand your perspective then.

How to deal with gossipers

  • Avoid Engaging in the gossips – simply leave the conversation at the point you think the conversation is turning to gossip, your presence in the gossips may harm you further. And if you feel this reaction will seem rude then you can try to change the topic.
  • Stop the gossiper straight away – your little interest in the story of the gossiper will make you his preference to share his gossip. Simply ask him to leave you alone because you’re busy.
  • Show him the positive side – the purpose of gossipers is to enjoy bitching of people behind their back, and for this, they pick the person who also loves to do that. If any gossiper is ratting out someone in front of you, you can show a positive aspect of yours, this way you will spoil the fun of the gossiper, and he will never prefer you for gossiping.

What To Do When Your Opinions Are Not Valued

The only solution to this which I know is, prefer giving your opinion in the meeting if you’re having an adequate solution to make things function in a better way. This increases the chances of your opinions to be taken positively and considered seriously if it’s offered with solutions.

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