Having low self-esteem means that you are not believing in your own abilities, and are fully unaware of your own worth. 

We people always get changed according to our life’s circumstances. At times we start feeling bad for ourselves, but it’s normal if it’s an influence of a bad situation.

Things start getting wrong when this low self-esteem gets involved in your behavior and reflects in your routine activities and tasks.

What is self-esteem

Self-esteem is a state of what you think of yourself. Good and low self-esteem can only be categorized by thinking positively or negatively towards yourself. And you won’t believe, this thinking is one of the major things that influence our lives as well. As the decisions we choose to make are hugely impacted by our self-esteem. If we are having low self-esteem, we always consider ourselves worthless, which declines our ability to make good decisions and facing new challenges in our lives.

Repercussions of Low self-esteem

Avoiding things, this is the major consequence for the people dealing with low self-esteem. They tend to think that avoiding unfavorable situations is the best solution to feel safe. Though it can make you feel comfortable and safe for the short term, but in the near future you are going to become the type of person who is always afraid of new challenges and situations and the only solution he chooses to be saved is “avoidance” of such things which he can’t face. Your mental health also gets hampered, diseases like depression and anxiety most likely occur to such people.

If you really want to get rid of your current low esteem situation and want to believe in yourself and create positive thoughts about yourself, then your first step must be recognizing where you are lacking, what are the things and activities which are drowning you towards low self-esteem. These can be very minor things, which you may feel normal, but this can take a huge form if left untreated. Below are the signs and symptoms of low self-esteem –

  • The inability of doing something different from others. People with low self-esteem always prefer to follow other people around them, they find themselves incapable to oppose others in any context.
  • You find it difficult to take a stand for yourself in terms of the decisions you make.
  • Negatively assuming about yourself that nobody likes you.
  • Overthinking
  • Always afraid to accept and face challenges
  • Feeling of non-deservedly.
  • Difficulty speaking in public or whenever surrounded by too many people.
  • Difficulty opening up between people with your desires, needs and feelings.
  • Feeling guilty for the mistakes which are not even in your control, you feel apologetic for almost all the minor things which you do.

Ways to improve self-esteem

After recognizing your low self-esteem symptoms, the next step is trying to overcome this and implement useful ways to improve your self-esteem naturally. After researching on it, I have compiled some of the most effective and easiest ways, have a look –

  • Make a list of your skills and abilities and note them down on a paper or in your personal diary. This list of your qualities will help you out whenever you feel low by reminding your self-worth.
  • Self acceptance – people with low self-esteem often are unaware of their strengths and capabilities and always compare themselves with other people. We always need to remember, that we all are having flaws. Might be another person to whom you are comparing yourself with, can be better than you in a specific thing, but might be he has missed the qualities which you are having. We all are mannequin of mistakes and lackings, no one is perfect in this world. So the best practice is to accept who and what you are. Love both your strengths and flaws, this will make you even comfortable in being yourself.
  • Avoid being messy – invest some time in your grooming. Divert your mind in gifting new looks to yourself. Wear the dresses which you like, give yourself a new haircut. Click pictures of your appealing looks and share with your loved ones, trust me their praising words would boost your self-confidence and this little effort can tend you to believe that life is beautiful and not as hard as you have made it.
  • Take care of your health – when our body feels good, then our mind and soul also becomes rejuvenated. Try making healthy eating habits and avoid junk foods.
  • Spend some “me” time – spare some time for yourself for a few minutes at least. When you are all alone, do meditation to get rid of the stress and shitty thoughts from your mind and to feel relaxed. You will surely realize that slowly your worries are diminishing day by day.
  • Avoid being lost – always try to live in your current moment, and enjoy as much as you can.
  • Accept others requests to do something for them only when you really want to do it. Not for the sake of getting liked by them.

Following all these tips will make you fall in love with yourself, you might be unaware of your strengths yet, and focussing more on your drawbacks this is the major factor that is affecting your self-esteem. Following these tips will not only let you know of your worth, these will also make your life happier than before. Want to know the benefits of following these tips? Have a look below –

Why is self esteem important

You will get to know your goals – self-esteem allows a person to be aware of his capabilities. After knowing your strengths, you will be more clear about yourself, like on what you are good at. This will encourage you to make a goal for your life to accomplish.

Enhances decision making power – Having confidence allows you to take a stand for yourself, so you will be able to define your perceptions and desires and will do those things which you really want to do. This will also encourage decision-making power in you and you will be confident enough to believe in your own decision and will stick to it.

You will have more chances to succeed – when you start working for achieving your goal with proper awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, then you will be able to decide your future actions according to your capabilities, this increases the chance for success.

You will be able to improve your relationships – your low self-esteem sometimes makes you pretend yourself in front of your known ones in order to seem perfect, but it’s not logical to maintain long term relationships. You should be able to be yourself in your relationships, your self-esteem allows you to do it. If people around you really want to keep long term professional and personal relationships with you, have to accept you in the way you are, you don’t need to pretend like someone. You will welcome the challenges – self-esteem makes a person fearless of accepting new challenges. You will see challenges as an opportunity to try and experience new things.

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