Do you know why it seems challenging to live with a chronic illness?

It’s only due to the assumption, that we are never going to cure and never can lead a normal life. This wrong assumption heavily impacts our lives.

I know it’s undoubtedly a challenging and hard phase of life that you have never expected for yourself, but now what?

We can’t reverse the time of course, but we can prevent our lives to be affected by our chronic disease. I know it’s easier said than done, but neither difficult too. Especially after being aware of the tips for coping with chronic illness, it’s surely possible for you to transform your life by changing your mindset.

This article is all about giving some relevant tips (like my previous article on Living With a Chronic Disease) that will prove helpful for you to lead a normal and quality life with your chronic illness. But before proceeding further, let’s have a brief about what chronic illness is all about.

What Is Chronic Disease?

Unlike any acute disease like fever or infections which arise in the body but can be healed with treatment, chronic illnesses are conditions that have no permanent cure, however, medications can control the symptoms to get worse over time and can also stabilize your condition to make you feel that you are fine, but despite all these things, the medications can’t provide you a permanent solution to your chronic disease.

Chronic disease patients have to bear huge changes in their lives as sometimes they are not able to participate anymore in their usual activities which they often performed before. And that’s where many patients get unmotivated.

What Steps Should Be Taken

Don’t blame yourself – first of all, just eliminate the irrational thoughts and burdens of blames that you have loaded so much in yourself, the quality of chronic disease patients’ lives hampers just due to this blaming habit. Listen, you are not suffering from your disease by your wish, right? then there is no point in blaming yourself for the failure of responsibilities that you are not able to perform anymore.

You are not required to think about the things which you are not able to perform now for the sake of your family or for yourself, instead, think about the ways which you can perform to heal yourself from the inner side, this is quite worthy to think about, as thinking about the ways for coping with the disease will surely make you move forward in life, but blaming yourself for the mistake which you never even made, will only drag yourself to the worst phase.

Specify your limitations – If you really want to stay unburdened in your life, then you have to learn to say “NO”.

There is not a matter of shame to accept and specify in front of others about what you can do and what you can’t.

If you’ll be too harsh on yourself, you are slowly going to worsen your symptoms and this will only hamper the quality of your life. Just open up your condition with your family or with the people you are staying with as much as you can, as your companions must know from you that what you are going through so that they can support you whenever required. Say no to the tasks which you think can exhaust you more, don’t be hesitate for setting your boundaries.

Being ashamed of accepting the limitations of your life is not a wise behavior, as maximum patients suffer a lot by just following this assumption that accepting their limitations of unable to do any usual activity will showcase them a weak personality, but that’s not true, even the fact is opposite.

You have already won a big battle of your life, that despite your disease you are still moving forward to lead a normal and quality life and are struggling every day even more than others, so it is a matter of pride in being stronger than others.

Choose the right doctor – it’s a very crucial part, for analyzing which doctor is the most suitable for you, note some points that whether you are comfortable with them or not, are they listening to you carefully or not, are they taking your queries and problems seriously, are they able in properly guiding you.

If you haven’t found these factors in any of the providers yet, then don’t worry, don’t pause your efforts, as struggling in finding the right healthcare provider and switching to multiple doctors is a part of the chronic illness phase, you have to be comfortable with it. Struggling in choosing the perfect doctor for you is totally going to be worth it, because your living with your chronic disease fully relies on your doctor, so the assurance of their perfection is a must.

Live a purposeful life – Don’t live aimlessly just because you may not be able to perform the tasks which you used to perform earlier. There is no doubt that chronic diseases change our lives, and sometimes we can’t help it.

But how we are taking that “changes” in our lives is in our hands. Always try to find something positive in your current state, you can now do something meaningful and work on achieving something that you otherwise may not be able to achieve due to the busyness of life in your earlier days when you were perfectly fine and were got stuck in performing your pressurizing jobs.

Hope you liked these tips.

I discussed some of the most effective tips in my previous article as well, you can still do whatever you want even in your chronic disease phase. You can either do freelancing as per your skills which were lost somewhere due to your busy schedule before the diagnosis. Or can start some low investment business which you can operate as per your convenience.

In short, the pro tip is, don’t leave your life aimlessly, do something which makes you feel worth it and will facilitate you in long run.

Take this challenging phase as a learning phase where life is teaching you something meaningful full which otherwise you couldn’t get learned if you would lead a simple and normal life. Consider yourself luckier than others, that you are slowly becoming a more polished personality, and always count your blessings, rather than considering negative occurrences.

Life is not miserable to anyone, this is only us who take things from a negative perspective, if we change our perspectives, this will surely enhance the happiness in our lives and you will surely realize that you are also a blessed person.

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