Life is a challenge, which almost everyone knows. But the viewpoint of every individual differs. Some people consider getting hired for a perfect job a big challenge, many think building good relationships with everyone around them a challenge. Some people consider making a healthy routine a challenge, and when we suffer from an unfortunate situation, then overcoming it seems a huge challenge.

In short, whether you’re facing minor challenges or a major crisis, the challenge is a part of life, and these challenges never leave you without triggering your stress levels.

We can’t stop the stressful occurrences in our lives but can surely modify our thinking pattern and the way of reacting towards these occurrences. As stress must be break of immediately before letting it transform into a huge form.

Because the huge form of stress can cause you several mental disorders and the maximum of life-threatening diseases like lung ailments, heart diseases, cancer, cirrhosis of the liver are the cause of continuous stress.

This stress most of the time also turns into a major depression and can take you to the phase of suicidal thoughts, and many people lose their everyday fight with their mind and end up committing suicide.

So, in today’s challenging life, we are highly required to reduce our stress levels as much as we can. So, here I am sharing some of my own tried tricks which worked so well, that’s why I decided to share those with all.

Simple Ways for Relieving Stress

Meditation – a few minutes of relaxation activity calms your mind and eliminates all the stressful thoughts. The first rule of meditating is to find a peaceful space where no one is around you and no one can distract you.

Secondly, make yourself comfortable in any space you chose to meditate. Avoid wearing tight clothes, and sit by crossing your legs and keep your back straight.

Now, start meditation, one relaxing technique that I follow is deep breathing, because deep breathing is one of the best ways to relieve your mind. Inhale air through the nose and exhale breathe through the mouth, do it slowly and calmly, hear and feel your breath. Repeat this for a few minutes.

At first, it might take time for you to keep all the destructive thoughts away from your mind, as our body takes time to adopt new habits, but stick to this meditation routine, after a few days you’ll start feeling pleasure and relaxed.

Laugh – whenever find yourself in stress, just distract your mind and turn it towards something that makes you laugh. So, just put your mind out from the stressful situation and start watching a funny video, or read some jokes, or interact with a person whom you like the most and whose company always makes you smile.

Music calms the mind – if you’re fond of listening to music then nothing is perfect than just putting out your earphones and listening to your favorite song that calms your mind.

Learn to say no – I believe that most of the time we can’t control the stressful occurrences, but sometimes, we can. Sometimes denying the tasks you can’t do saves you from the major upcoming stress. Don’t overwhelm yourself with multiple responsibilities just because you can’t deny the tasks. Learn to say no to the responsibilities which can be an “add-up” burden to you.

Take a walk – whenever find yourself in stress, try to change the surroundings. If the office environment making you stressed by reminding you of the overwhelming tasks, take a break and start strolling outside your cabin or if possible take a walk outside your office. Walking is one of the best ways to refresh your mind and body.

Implementing these simple tips will make you feel better as these are the most effective ways to reduce stress levels. Also, I would strongly recommend the intake of ashwagandha, as it is best known for reducing stress by lowering cortisol levels and also boosts brain function.

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