It’s quite normal to be a bit nervous if you’re going to do something that is linked with the responsibility of successful fulfillment.

This responsibility of fulfilling the particular task efficiently most of the time brings thoughts of the negative possibility which create stress in our mind. At that time our body generates stress hormones which are essential for us to be readier and help us to increase our focus on the particular task which we are going to perform.

It’s okay to feel a bit nervous about the outcome, as this may help you perform better, but if your nervousness starts overpowering your brain, then you start exaggerating the negative possibilities linked with your task.

You start thinking that your audience may not like your performance, or they may laugh at you, or your minor mistake will make your presentation worst, or you may not get selected in the job interview.

These kinds of worst assumptions start controlling our mind which results in making people incapable to stay focused and thinking effectively.

Being too nervous also restricts you from being yourself and uncovering your strengths and qualities in front of your audience. Because your body at that time fills with the combination of anxious feelings.

This also shakes your self-confidence and belief in yourself, and your shaken confidence starts reflecting from your appearance which gets noticed by your audience and grabs all their attention towards your nervousness instead of your performance.

Here we need to work on it, there are some effective tips mentioned below which surely can help.

Tips To Calm Nervousness

Do practice – You must have heard the phrase that “practice makes a man perfect”. Do practicing as much as you can prior to your scheduled date of performance or the meeting. Preparing for the upcoming event will give you a sense of confidence that you’re well prepared and will surely going to rock it.

I am not saying that this will fully vanish your nervousness (though this is also a possibility), but you will surely feel a bit relaxed on the day of the event.

And avoid doing preparation in the last few minutes, this will only increase your anxiousness, and the last few minutes of preparation is not productive enough as compared to the preparation which we do in our comfortable time.

In short, do your homework before attending the situation whether it’s a job interview, a presentation, your stand-up at the stage, or if it’s a date. Because the feeling of being prepared will never let your nervousness to overpower your mind.

Take it easy – Don’t take the negative aspect of your task too seriously. Because the feeling of extreme nervousness only arises when we are too afraid of the negative possibility. But when you stop fearing about the negative outcome of your performance, do you think you will still feel nervous?

Reframing our thoughts will help us out in considering the situation from a different perspective. Suppose you are going to meet your date and you’re quite nervous about it. Give your mind a pause for a few minutes, and first, ask yourself that what you are afraid of? what’s making you nervous?”

Your reason for nervousness must be the concern of having good chemistry with the person you’re meeting. Now, think about the worst scenario, you both may not be proved to be compatible with each other, and will not enjoy each other’s company much. This may occur, and this is the only concern that is making you nervous.

Consider this situation normally, as this may or may not occur, but so what if it occurs?

Nothing is going to be changed in your life, your career, your family, your friends, and the people who love you will remain the same as before. So, if your date may not become successful that can not impact your present and the future either.

You may get disappointed and a little sad for a few days though, but you still have the opportunity to find someone better.

This is just an example, you can put this reframe method on your reason for nervousness. As when we put ourselves out from the fear of negative consequences, this surely helps us to fight nervousness and perform freely.

Visualize your desired outcome – If you’re going to attend an interview, it’s a bit obvious to feel nervous, the reason is that we are used to thinking about the negative aspect. Rather than repeating this habit again, try something new this time. Instead of thinking that “what if I got rejected in the interview?”

Think about the positive situation, that you are going to rock it on your interview, the interviewer will like your positive attitude and expertise. And you’ll be having a pleasant time with the hr and will also get the finest opportunities to learn.

After this, visualize your desired outcome, that the job is already yours. This positive thinking and visualization will make you feel more confident and happy during your interview.

Be comfortable with your audience – Don’t think that your audience won’t let any chance go of making fun of you. Whatever you think reflects through your actions and expressions. So, be comfortable with your audience, take them positively, and treat them friendly.

Your positive gesture will tend your audience to welcome you warmly. And once you notice their liking towards your performance, your nervousness will be completely gone before you realize it.

Don’t be panic, take pauses in between – whenever people get nervous, especially if it’s public speaking, they start talking speedily, this is only going to confuse you and both your audience. I fully understand this, because this has happened to me several times, my thoughts get unclear, and I start talking speedily in order to get rid of the awkward public speaking situation instantly.

But this won’t work, there is no point to perform or giving any presentation that doesn’t even properly understand and enjoyed by your audience, and your presentation period is only a “withstand time” for both you and your audience. It’s not good, you need to take frequent pauses in between your sentences, don’t mix all the sentences by saying them continuously.

When you stop once your sentence is ended, this will give you a break to breathe and think before starting the next sentences.

I hope these basic tips will help you in calming your nervousness for your upcoming event.

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