Have you ever had a crush on someone?

If yes, then the maximum of us are sailing on the same boat.

Liking someone is one of the best feelings of life. Wondering about even minor things about our crush makes us crazy. His/her smile, appearance, the way he/she talks, the way he/she carries him/herself becomes the major hot topic in our life, which we usually discuss with ourselves in our mind, and sometimes with our best crime partner aka best friend.

It’s not like that people who are having a crush on someone have nothing to do instead of admiring their crush. But the thing is, they just can’t help it.

How Long Will You Live Like This?

Of course, no one wants to keep on admiring his crush at a distance for longer, at some point of time, it feels a bit annoying to stick at the same step, and we start wanting to move further from our one-sided feeling and want to get noticed by our crush.

Here I am going to tell you some effective ways which won’t only help in making you noticed by your crush, in fact, your crush will start liking you in the way you are.

Steps Needed

Make yourself Well-Groomed – Physical appearance does matter, when it comes to getting positively noticed by your crush. Though there are other things too that work well, but if you work on your grooming, it will be icing on the cake for you.

Here grooming is not meant to be looking like a fashion model. Always remember, you don’t need to overdo anything. Just focus on looking well-groomed. Try a new hair cut that suits you. Wear a smile on your face always, create a good dressing sense. In short, your appearance must convey the fact that you take care of yourself very nicely.

These tips are not just for your crush, these tips are anyway best for leading a quality life.

Be calm and don’t pretend like a different person – there are many people who I know become so uncomfortable and underconfident of being themselves. They start behaving extraordinary, like laughing more, flirting more, and doing cringy things.

These things are not worth to get your crush’s attention. As he is not a fool, he will soon realize that this is not you, after all, truth can’t be escaped longer. And there is no point to be liked by your crush by pretending like a different personality.

Instead, be yourself, be confident and calm, embrace your flaws and polish your strengths, this will make your crush to notice you and somewhat increases the chance that he may start liking you because of your confident appearance.

Don’t hesitate to talk – the best way of showing your presence is by talking with your crush. Without having a conversation, how can your crush get to know that there is someone who is admiring him at a distance?

Don’t stay at the distance anymore, come and talk to him, and make sure your conversation is not just bound to a formal “hi”, “hello”. Your conversation should be informal enough so that you can know him/her better. Ask his/her interests, and try to get his info, but without making him/her feel that you’re spying on him. Try to make the conversation lighter and engaging.

And don’t forget to make them know about your interests. This process will let you know the behavior of your crush, as well as will let him know yours.

This conversation process is very crucial for moving further in your one-sided love story.

Don’t skip to connect with them on social media – Now, when you’re almost succeeded with your casual friendship with your crush, don’t avoid connecting with them over social media. Read the next point for knowing the benefit of doing this.

Following him/her on Instagram is a “must” – Instagram is the most common social media platform and one of the best to show your presence and for moving your friendship further.

The first step should be being active on Instagram, post your pics or memes regularly. Share your posts on the activities or memes which you think they’ll like. Also, share with them personally. Grab his attention with your best pics that reflect your personality.

Show your presence, interact with him, as I mentioned above, the conversation is the only key to get his friendship. So, message them personally, and do comment whenever he/she posts anything.

These steps are some of the basics which you should be aware of when looking to draw your crush’s attention. There are still some important steps left, which I will discuss in the next article, till then read these basic steps and feel free to share your feedback in the comments section.

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