Life is the reflection of our own thinking and reactions, we often have heard this phrase, but not everyone keeps it remember. That is the reason “giving up” still exists in our lives, whereas it should not. Because no obstacle is as big as our dreams, but unfortunately, we overestimate the hurdles and underestimate our strength.

As the result, the feeling of giving up arises and we forget our value and the purpose for living, because we are so occupied in just demoralizing ourselves and giving more attention to life’s hard challenges.

It’s normal for wanting to give up at times because we humans always expect the frequent positive outcome, and when the expected outcome doesn’t come up, a feeling of being defeated and being unvalued brings up in mind, and this badly triggers the feeling of giving up.

Why We Should Completely Discard the Option Of “Giving Up”?

“Giving up” should not be on our options list, but whenever the situation compelled you to do the same, then simply pause for a minute, and think, would you be happy in the future about your current decision of “giving up”? After some time, won’t you think “I wish I didn’t give up that day”?

And if you currently feel even the slightest chance to be regretful in the future because of your giving up today, then you need to think at least a thousand times before giving up on anything, because the elapsed time never returns.

Always remember – your current activities and decisions have a full influence on your future, so it’s your responsibility to make your future bright, rather than making it regretful.

And if your feeling of giving up is more stubborn than expected, then before coming to any decision, think once about the top successful people in the world, and whenever possible consider viewing their biography, you will get to know that your difficulties are too less, compared to those struggles which they have dealt with in their lives. If they thought like you, could they ever succeed?

Below are some basic points to remember, whenever you feel like giving up.

Things To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Analyze the cause for giving up – is the reason behind giving up is the incapability of yours in handling the challenging situation? Or is this struggling phase fully unexpected for you? Or do you feel a lack of guidance? Ask yourself questions like these.

Analyzing the exact reason for giving up may help you in figuring out the ways for handling the situation. As per your specific cause, you can also ask yourself such questions, like, is your giving up justified enough as per the cause, and if so, then is giving up the only solution left to be taken? Finding these answers is crucial for realizing that the decision of giving up is just due to the heat of the moment, or it really needs to be done.

Be adaptable and grateful- Being adaptable helps us to accept the situation around us with an open heart, no matter how difficult it is. And for making it quite easier to accept, we should develop a habit of being thankful for our struggling phase too.

Because even in our struggling phase, there are still such positive things, which we usually ignore.

Struggles are the only thing that makes people stronger and wiser. For being transformed into a better individual, we have to go through our struggling phase and come over it by winning it. In that way, our struggles are worth being grateful for. The maximum of our circumstances is created with our way of perceiving them. after being grateful about your situations, you will start taking everything positively, and this will improve your situation very soon.

Track your progress – for being motivated during the hard times, keep acknowledging your accomplishments. This will keep you reminded of your worth in your bad times and makes you feel energized to continue to face the challenges with more energy. Acknowledging your small achievements till the date will never let you feel unmotivated.

Read motivational quotes daily – trust me, this always works. Reading motivational quotes gives us a sense of positivity and the right direction in life. If you start learning from each motivational quote you read, you will find the purpose of your existence, the value of your persona, and will start feeling much lighter in life.

Don’t be hesitate to ask for support – asking for support doesn’t make you a weak person. Never hide from your loved ones, what’s inside you. Believe it or not, you need their support in your bad times. Share your bitter experiences and feeling with the person with whom you are comfortable the most, they can be your friends, or family, or a colleague.

Sometimes, our brain isn’t able to seek out the best ways of tackling the hard times, but other people can guide us better to deal with the situation because they can find the solutions which are already present around us, but we are unable to realize it because we get too busy in our sufferings.

So, rather than giving up, seek the best support to ease the crisis which is leading you to quit.

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