You place an order for pizza, and after a few minutes got to know that your order is canceled, or you have prepared a lot for your upcoming meeting, but when the day came, it was not exactly in the way you want it to be. Or, someone has degraded your abilities and hurt your self-respect. These are some of the major possibilities that we usually face in our lives that affect our mood.

It actually depends, how sensitive we are, sometimes a major incident couldn’t affect our mood much, and sometimes a minor critic affects our mood even for several days.

So, whether it’s a minor incident or a big blunder, we should let it go, and put ourselves out of that bad mood and follow the instant ways to cheer up, so that the bad incident couldn’t affect our further day.

Your way of tackling the situation cheerfully most of the time brings out a strong and wise personality in you, which actually influences your further life.

Tips to Improve Your Mood

Start Smiling – I know it seems like the craziest and the most difficult way for improving mood especially when we are feeling down. But I know you can do this, a smile changes our mood drastically and it’s all due to the release of endorphins, and cortisol that reduces stress levels in our body, and boosts pleasure and overall well-being.

Endorphins are a group of peptides produced by the central nervous system and pituitary gland whose major function is to reduces our pain and stress.

Some of you surely get curious for the next question that, does a fake smile also work great in releasing endorphins and improving our mood?

The answer is yes, even our fake smile also boosts our mood. Always try to fake it till you make it. This tiny step to change your mood will work really well to calm you down instantly and cheering you up.

Meditation – include meditation in your routine, as it consists of several benefits and on top of it, it makes you capable enough to manage your stressful situations. If you are not into meditation then you should compare yourself with the people who meditate regularly and can yourself notice and can address the difference in their way of coping with the stressful situation.

Also, you can meditate for a few minutes at the very moment of the stressful situation. This will prevent you from ruining your mood and will reduce your stress instantly.

Listen to Music – This is a universal truth that music diverts our mind, it cheers us up in a low mood. So whenever feel that situation is going wrong, then prevent your mind from going towards the wrong and stressful thoughts, just turn on the upbeat music, you will be diverted from the current stress.

Write Your Thoughts – writing your emotions is one of the safest and comforting option to release your thoughts without bothering with others’ judgments on you. Writing on paper whatever is teasing you inside will make you feel lighter, but this tip is majorly for those who love to write.

Talk to Someone – Share your feelings and thoughts with someone whom you trust, this can be anyone whether your family, friend, or a life partner or can also opt for a motivational speaker. Putting all your dreadful feelings out is one of the best ways to feel better if the above “writing thoughts” option doesn’t seem convenient to you.

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