Finally, we have entered a new beginning of our life with lots of hope for further growth, and have expected that 2021 will not be like the previous year, which has changed too many things in our lives among which our professional life hasn’t remained untouched.

2020 has fully changed our professional routines and has enforced us to deal with our several work tensions. Many among us have lost their jobs and have experienced pay cuts and many more sufferings which we obviously don’t want to recall now.

The year 2021 has brought a sense of hope and positivity to take a fresh start, but have you wondered what should be your upcoming activities to enhance your career?

I know the previous year has ended up by giving us economic uncertainty, but that doesn’t mean that our progress is paused, we can still find numerous ways for our career growth.

What Do We Need To Do?

We need to figure out our objectives and to plan our career goals that are realistic and achievable so that our career growth must be in the right flow. Due to the pandemic, many of us have made up our minds to switch to a new career because of the losses in jobs and businesses. So, now it’s a perfect time to set up your mind and decide about what you’re exactly looking for, and what you’re good at.

But for doing all these, you need to give some time to yourself and have to do brainstorming for planning your career goals for the upcoming 12 months. Assume and think about where you want to see yourself at the end of this year.

How to Set Career Goals For 2021

Set Realistic Goals – whatever goal you choose for this year, just make sure that it is realistic. For example, I want to start earning a few lakhs per month, this ambition is good, but it’s not as easy. Big ambitions are undoubtedly good to have, and can surely become possible, but we need to think first, that is this goal attainable? Or are we really working appropriately to reach our goal?

In short, what I am saying is don’t just dream big, work appropriately on it in order to succeed. If our goal for this year is to earn millions, then think twice that is it your realistic goal? and if yes, so what all you should do to achieve your goal, how much time it would take, and don’t avoid to consider the reality that if you find, despite all your hard work and strategies you will unable to reach your goal in one year, then don’t give up on it.

Instead, take it as a long-term goal, and start working on it desperately, but patiently, you must have patience while working towards your goal and always keep this thing in mind that initially, you will never receive the result that you’re looking for. To reach that level, it takes time and courage to build up your skills and to really become capable of it.

Now, after taking it as a long term goal, now set up a realistic goal that you can achieve easily this year and which is closer to your long term goal. For example, being more productive can be your realistic goal, completing more targets can be your goal. Developing a good image among others at your job, or gaining leadership skills and bringing positive changes in professional behavior, these could be your realistic career goals to achieve in 2021.

Be Passionate – be ambitious and desperate about your goal. As the minor decrement in your passion may lead you to fail, at what you want to achieve. Being desperate and passionate about your goal brings will power in you to stick towards your goal and perform hard work to achieve it.

Be clear about your upcoming tasks – you should be specific and clear about the step by step process to reach your goal. Suppose you’re not satisfied in your current job and want a hike in your pay which your current job is insufficient to pay, so here you will most likely want to switch to a new job where you will be having better opportunities to earn.

So, now you are clear about what you want, then the next step should be figuring out the job vacancies which can meet your requirements. For this, you can take reference from the Internet or from your friends and families, and when you finally get to know some openings, then the next step should be preparing yourself for the interviews. And all these preparations should be doing side by side with your current running job.

And then set a time frame till when you will complete your preparations and finally switch to the new job.

In short, we must be aware of the steps and ways which are needed to be taken to achieve what we are looking for, and shouldn’t avoid sticking to the specific timeline for bringing our goal into existence.

Don’t keep your goals just with you – avoid making the desire of achieving your goal a secret process. Involve other people in it, share your goal ideas, and your actions towards your goal with the people around you, whom you trust.

You will be facilitated with 2 benefits by doing this. First, you will find yourself more dedicated and committed towards your goal once you share it with people

And secondly, sharing your thoughts results in the multiplication of ideas. people with whom you discuss your plans may provide you their opinions and can provide you their ideas, which can surely add up benefit to your journey.

Prepare a Backup Plan – Prepare a backup plan because we can’t assume everything to be run perfectly, so be prepared for the negatives just in case you will not able to accomplish your preferred goal, so there must be an alternative goal in your mind.

Stay Focused – Staying focused on your goal will make you succeed more quickly. Invest your time in the activities which are related to your goal, as this investment will give you a huge return in the near future. Every day set a routine of making a to-do-list, and perform all your activities according to that list, and make sure that you spend maximum time on the activities that will take you towards your goal.

What I am Going To Do This Year

Will add up a new skill this year – We people are so occupied in just fulfilling our daily tasks, that we don’t bother to learn something new which can hike our career. There might be many things that we are curious to learn, but unable to do so because of busyness. So this time, I have decided to bring some time to get into those skills this year.

Will become a master of some new skills that can prove beneficial for my career growth. And this time will try to stick with my decision, will not take it as a usual desire which I ignore always.

Will become more organized – One of my worse habits is missing deadlines. From now onwards, my new year’s resolution is to stick to my words and will live up to my clients’ expectations by obeying the deadline provided. For this, I will become more organized by keeping a record of all my work schedules. Excel is what I will be using almost most of the time from now onwards.

I Will keep all the distractions aside – I usually get distracted with my mobile. Especially with the notification sound of someone’s message or when it rings, it makes my mind diverted towards it, and I usually end up suffering from extended working hours, because my mobile takes most of the time of my actual working hours.

For this, I will keep this distraction aside during my work hours and will use it at breaks only.

Will count my work progress once a week – We should always do something to bring motivation in our work, for this I will create a sheet of my performance and will count if I got any positive feedback from any of my clients regarding my work. This little effort will make me stay energized and motivated towards my work.

These are some tiny goals which I want to achieve this year if you’re having any idea or goals which you want to share, feel free to leave your comment here.

May all your wishes come true in 2021

Happy New Year

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