Human is a puppet of diverse emotions. These emotions are happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. The emotions that reflect through our behavior is the result of the situations we face in our day to day lives. If we had a cheerful day, this is obvious to feel happier, if experienced something disappointing, it’s quite obvious to feel frustrated or angry.

But if we had a really bad day, then it’s also natural to feel sad, but the tenure of this sadness actually depends on how severe the matter is or how heavily it impacted a person. It depends on the behavior and sensitivity of an individual that how he/she reacts to a specific situation.

The situation can be anything like if you broke up with your partner, have recently fired from the job, family issues, or financial burdens. There is no shortage of circumstances that bring sadness and disappointment in our lives.

This is not a matter of worry if your feeling is temporary and lasts for a few hours or a few days, the cause of worry starts is when you find yourself unable to get out of your sadness and it’s been weeks, months, or even years that your sadness still exists equally and even has shaped into a more severe phase, and that common sadness has turned into a major depression.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where we all are aware of the term “depression”, but nobody is ready to discuss it. No one wants to disclose that he is suffering from depression and he needs guidance and mental support.

Because the person with depression scares of being judged by the people more than his suffering from depression. And this decision of not sharing their feelings with others and the continuous efforts of coping with their issues on their own leads them towards suicidal thoughts, and many of them end up committing suicide.

And after the tragedy, people usually start talking that why he has committed suicide?, he could have talked to someone close to him he might be helped.

The depressive person might be prevented from committing suicide if he got realized that he is not alone if there are people around him with whom he can comfortably open up his feelings. The chances of the suicide would be way too less if it actually happens.

But the sad reality is, that never happens in the maximum cases of depression.

The mistake here is that we people fail to give comfortability to the depressive person. We should understand the phrase that “depression is not a taboo subject”, we all face bad times in our lives and these bad times impact every individual differently.

A maximum of us have faced or are facing depression in our lives, so this depression should not be uncommon for us. and to prevent the depression from being worse we have to take the initiative for at least the people around us whom we found depressed.

Make them comfortable, ask them their problems, and even discuss your experiences with them and especially the way you coped up with your issues, this will make them motivated. Just say that you’re with them at any cost, and will also help them to solve their problems with your suggestions and guidance. Or just listen calmly to everything they say to you.

Trust me, these simple talks can heal their inner wounds, and you never know that your simple words may prevent someone from being trapped in suicidal thoughts.

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