It’s okay to be anxious sometimes, as it’s a normal reaction of our mind and body towards a fearful event or situation. Anxiety can also be explained as a warning sign that alerts our mind to be prepared for the stressful situation and makes us ready to act accordingly.

It’s undoubtedly an unpleasant feeling but also linked with the fact that it’s actually necessary and must be considered as a “normal” reaction of our body. If our body stops alerting us for danger, that will be an abnormal sign.

But some people misunderstand their anxiety sometimes. They assume their normal anxiety to be abnormal and a major anxiety disorder.

The meaning of normal anxiety and anxiety disorder varies, and the impact both gives on an individual’s life is different. As discussed above, normal anxiety is a very common reaction towards a threat, and it only lasts till the stressful situation ends.

And it refers to a realistic response which only relates to the specific situation. The people in anxiety find themselves in a threat that actually exists.

But unlike this, anxiety disorder patients experience unbearable and unmanageable anxiety which gives them a lot of weird and uncomfortable physical sensations. And their feelings mostly are unrealistic, as they usually get anxious about situations that are not linked with any danger in reality. Even people with anxiety disorders aware of this fact, but they find themselves incapable of controlling their anxious thoughts.

Their anxiety sometimes lasts longer than their threatful situation, and sometimes it comes up so unexpectedly, that they need to avoid the people and situations as much as possible so that they can avoid facing their anxiety.

Along with the treatments, I strongly recommend you to follow some effective tips that can somewhat ease your anxiety.

Steps to calm Anxiety

  1. Being anxious is all about assuming that you’re in danger, so first of all quit thinking like that. Just repeat the wordings in your mind that “I am safe at the moment, nothing is going to happen with me, the situation can’t kill me, so no matter, whatever happens, I will be having another beautiful day tomorrow”.

  1. Most of the people know the fact that their anxiety is unrealistic, still, they’re unable to remove those unwanted thoughts, as they find themselves unable to do so. But remember this, thoughts are temporary and are irrational which you already know, and the only person who can purge these thoughts out from your mind is only you.

Only you can purge them out by not giving them attention and by not reacting according to your irrational thoughts. Remind yourself that these thoughts are not linked with any reality, so you don’t need to react according to it.

  1. Remind yourself that your worry has nothing to do with the outcome in reality.

  1. You’re not alone. Remind yourself of the people who love you and care for you, this will make you feel blessed, loved, and supported.

  1. Don’t sit freely, do something that calms and diverts your mind.

  1. Avoid being doubtful of the situation, just trust the situation and the people around you, you’ll slowly realize that your anxiety is becoming less effective to you.

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